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Day Tours

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Nairobi National Park-Bomas

Experience This Full Day Tour, with an early morning Game Drive in search of some The Park's wildlife. Such as rhinos, lion, buffalo, leopard and cheetah. Later have lunch at carnivore restaurant, continue to Bomas of Kenya for a fiesta of traditional music and dance.

Paradise Lost-Kiambu Caves

Experience A full Day In This Forestry Conservation. At Paradise Lost, in Kiambu County, housing the Kiambu Caves. Used as safe hiding places for the Mau Mau freedom fighters, away from the colonial masters, during their Fight for Independence.

The Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Experience A Full Day Tour at The Sweet Waters Sanctuary, in the heart Of The Ol Pajeta Conservancy. The Sanctuary is home to more than 26 orphaned chimps ages varying from 2-15years. Most of them were relocated from The Jane Goodall institute in Burundi .

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